At WTX we have recognized the strong demand for factory and industrial uniforms as various industries develop and thrive in the region.

We place great emphasis on creating uniforms from high-quality materials that make them wearable in different working conditions and environments.

We also understand that comfort & safety is paramount to a factory or industrial worker and therefore supply high quality durable garments.

Whatever your company’s top priority—image, safety, or both—we know you also place considerable importance on the comfort, quality, and long-lasting durability of your work-wear.

No matter what you need, we bring demonstrated knowledge and reliable service to your business so you can check “uniforms and facilities products and services” off your list and move on to other important business.

Businesses of all kinds and all sizes look to WTX to maximize the efficiency of their uniform programs, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve their business image. And through our Facility Service Programs, customers also benefit from safer, cleaner, and “greener” workplaces.

WTX Apparels delivers a standing record in Factories, companies, and workshops.
You can feel safe with WTX.