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Education is a key aspect of our lives.

Uniforms play an important role in providing children and youth with a sense of pride and belonging to a school.

Education is not just about algebra and literature, it is about personal development, dressing, manners, and social skills.

The concept of wearing uniforms was introduced in schools to create a feeling of a team.

At WTX Uniforms, we recognize the importance of high-quality, crafted school uniforms that cater to the different needs of various education bodies.

Our uniforms are made of durable and superior-quality cotton, polyester, and viscose fabrics that can meet the customization requirements of any school.

In addition, we pay close attention to uniform design in order to produce garments that offer comfort and practicality without compromising on standards.

Some people believe that a school uniform can improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically.

Business Wear

Dress to impress

We spend a large part of our lives at our workplace, which means wearing the right dress code.

How employees dress is a reflection of their attitude towards their job and often mirrors a company’s culture.

Our corporate suits and office uniforms have been designed to enable your business to make the right first impression.

That’s because we know that a well-presented team in smart office wear creates a sense of pride within your company.

In a work environment, appearance speaks a lot about the employee’s work ethics, attitude, and the company’s image.

The way your employees dress reflects your company’s corporate image. To create a good impression in the minds of clients or prospective customers, it is very important to dress the part.

Business attire should convey professionalism but also offer comfort to their wearers.

That’s why we custom design uniforms to suit the needs and requirements of each and every client. If you are looking to buy Business Wear, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of uniforms to suit all your needs and preferences.

Plus, we can design different styles of uniforms to suit the varied designations in your company structure.

WTX Apparels delivers a standing record in professional corporate suits and uniforms. Our Italian designs and comfortable clothes makes every business meeting memorable!


A smile goes a long way

Hospitality is all about a good service, and nothing speaks a good service better than a well-dressed, friendly staff with a smile on the face.

The world is running at a more rapid pace than ever and encounters in the hotel business are usually brief, which means staff are expected to be perfectly-groomed service staff that meets the high expectations of guests.

Dubai is a highly competitive city when it comes to hospitality. It has one of the highest numbers of restaurants, resorts, hotels and hotel apartments in the world.

The record breaking city hosts thousands of hospitality staff and professionals in a constant need of uniforms.

Your search for the best hospital uniform suppliers ends here. At WTX Uniforms, we get the fabrics from the trusted suppliers so that the material meets the international quality standards.

Plus, we also internally check the quality of fabric. We understand that uniforms should not only look classic and elegant, but also last for a long time.

That’s why we take the utmost care to pick only standard fabrics to tailor uniforms for the hospitality industry.

With a team of expert and experienced tailors and designers, we provide excellent uniform manufacturing services.


Look good in the sky

Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the GCC region and an important contributor to the economic development of its countries.

Recognizing this trend and the needs of the industry, we supply a wide range of uniforms for the aviation sector, including pilot and cabin crew uniforms.

We understand the need for the airlines ensemble to exude classic elegance and at the same time offer immense comfort and practicality to allow for their personnel to carry out their duties with ease.

The uniforms are tailored to complement your company’s style and uniqueness. That’s why we custom design uniform for each and every client. Moreover, the uniforms are stitched to offer the maximum comfort.

We have a team of trained and experienced designers and tailors to provide high-quality stitching services.

We will ensure that the uniforms are a perfect fit and offer plenty of freedom of movement so that the employees don’t feel confined while doing their tasks.

We source the fabrics for the uniforms from reliable vendors. Plus, we do a series of quality tests on all the fabrics to ensure that they meet the industry standard as well as our company’s quality standards.

WTX Apparels delivers a standing record in custom avian and airport related uniforms. Flight attendance, help desk agents, pilots and captains can look and feel in style while on the ground or in the air.


Take pride in your practice

Medical uniforms must be functional and at the same time inspire confidence in an industry that deals with people’s ailments and lives

Patients identify hospital employees through their uniforms associating their white uniforms with competency and trust.

Our range of healthcare uniforms offer the best quality, value and design on the market.

We have an impressive and varied range too; stocking everything from infection control compliant medical scrubs, to nurses dresses, medical tunics, and much more.

More importantly, our medical uniforms are built to last, so we will have your uniforms looking, feeling, and performing at their best, for much longer.

Not only does the appearance of healthcare employees impact how patients and visitors perceive your staff, but it can also provide easier identification of hospital personnel, promote trust and enhance credibility.

Medical uniforms also play a critical role in ensuring that hospital staff, including nurses and doctors, stay clear of infections during their daily interactions with patients.

Our knowledgeable Healthcare Consultants are ready to help you select the best uniforms for your facilities needs.

With this in mind, WTX Uniforms also pays close attention to the type of fabric used in producing garments for the healthcare sector.

Facility Management

Function Meets Style

The way your employees dress can often leave a lasting impression on your customers. Let it be a good one, and a memorable interaction.

WTX Uniforms also custom designs uniforms for Facility Management staff in various companies.

If you are a facility management company managing facilities in various companies or you are catering to needs of just one company, the right uniforms are necessary to project a professional image and instill team spirit and professionalism with the right uniform.

Get your security staff our comfortable special-tailored uniforms. Our high quality fabrics helps them stay cool and cosy during the long duty shift hours every day.

WTX Apparels delivers a standing record in custom security uniforms as well as FM staff and employees.


Ready, Steady, Go!

At WTX we have recognized the strong demand for factory and industrial uniforms as various industries develop and thrive in the region.

We place great emphasis on creating uniforms from high-quality materials that make them wearable in different working conditions and environments.

We also understand that comfort & safety is paramount to a factory or industrial worker and therefore supply high quality durable garments.

Whatever your company’s top priority—image, safety, or both—we know you also place considerable importance on the comfort, quality, and long-lasting durability of your work-wear.

No matter what you need, we bring demonstrated knowledge and reliable service to your business so you can check “uniforms and facilities products and services” off your list and move on to other important business.

Businesses of all kinds and all sizes look to WTX to maximize the efficiency of their uniform programs, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve their business image. And through our Facility Service Programs, customers also benefit from safer, cleaner, and “greener” workplaces.

WTX Apparels delivers a standing record in Factories, companies, and workshops. You can feel safe with WTX.