About Us


Established in 1992 Worldtex is the Textile Trading and Indenting company, is one of the leading and oldest textile agents in Dubai, supplying fabrics to the wholesalers in Dubai for re-export to CIS, Egypt and Morocco markets etc. Currently Worldtex offices are located in Dubai, Korea and China. Strategically headquartered in Dubai, we at Worldtex have aligned our vision with the far-sighted vision of the UAE, where textile trade is now the most lucrative and resourceful sector of the growing economy.

Worldtex, with its vision and die-hard commitment is today a part of the burgeoning Dubai textile industry. With a consumer market beyond the shores of the UAE, and a presence beyond many horizons. Worldtex is a subsidiary of Abbasi Group of Companies established in the year 1992 as a textile indenting company.

About Abbasi Group

From its humble beginnings in 1991, Abbasi Group has grown considerably, keeping pace with the amazing growth of the Emirates. The holding company is a conglomeration of separate yet complementary businesses, each leader in their field.

Having diverse interests, the Abbasi Group has become one of the leading and fastest-growing organizations in the UAE today. It has set plans to make foray into other lines of business and expand its current business portfolio into other emerging markets as well. The Group already has offices in all major global business hubs, poised to further expand its horizons.


2008: Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Establishment Award

2007: Mohammed Bin Rashid Business Award (Re-export)

1999: Dubai Quality Appreciation Award (Trading)