Garments / Uniforms


Uniforms play an important role in providing children and youth with a sense of pride and belonging to a school.


Hospitality is all about a good service, and nothing speaks a good service better than a well-dressed, friendly staff with a smile on the face.

Business Wear

Our corporate suits and office uniforms have been designed to enable your business to make the right first impression.


Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the GCC region and an important contributor to the economic development of its countries.


Medical uniforms must be functional and at the same time inspire confidence in an industry that deals with people’s ailments and lives.

Facility Management

The way your employees dress can often leave a lasting impression on your customers. Let it be a good one, and a memorable interaction.


We place great emphasis on creating uniforms from high-quality materials that make them wearable in different working conditions and environments.

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