Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the GCC region and an important contributor to the economic development of its countries.

Recognizing this trend and the needs of the industry, we supply a wide range of uniforms for the aviation sector, including pilot and cabin crew uniforms.

We understand the need for the airlines ensemble to exude classic elegance and at the same time offer immense comfort and practicality to allow for their personnel to carry out their duties with ease.

The uniforms are tailored to complement your company’s style and uniqueness. That’s why we custom design uniform for each and every client. Moreover, the uniforms are stitched to offer the maximum comfort.

We have a team of trained and experienced designers and tailors to provide high-quality stitching services.

We will ensure that the uniforms are a perfect fit and offer plenty of freedom of movement so that the employees don’t feel confined while doing their tasks.

We source the fabrics for the uniforms from reliable vendors. Plus, we do a series of quality tests on all the fabrics to ensure that they meet the industry standard as well as our company’s quality standards.

WTX Apparels delivers a standing record in custom avian and airport related uniforms. Flight attendance, help desk agents, pilots and captains can look and feel in style while on the ground or in the air.